Air Ambulance

MUrgency Air Ambulance is the quickest way to transfer a patient to a medical facility, which ensures you get medical attention on time. We offer 24x7 service, across 195 countries in air ambulances installed with high-tech equipment. We offer a large fleet that includes single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turbo prop, helicopter, seaplane, and jets. Based on the evacuation—situation or terrain, we will assign the right mode of transport.

We offer single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turbo prop, and jets with access to international and national airports worldwide.

It provides immediate medical evacuation from difficult, hilly and precarious terrains. The helicopter can land at any place not necessarily an airport. Helicopter delivers immediate action, where medical team can arrive at the location.

When distressed at sea, seaplane is the best option for a medical evacuation. Seaplane can land on water with a medical team on standby to provide medical support on the spot.

The air ambulance is pressurized and climate-controlled. We can accommodate a patient, two medical staff for critical care, and one family member depending on the medical equipment and stretcher. No matter what, the two medical experts accompany the patient. The air ambulance transfer is stocked with top of the line medical supplies and equipment

The air ambulance service is a bedside-to-bedside service. It covers assisting the patient from the medical facility, escorting them to the airport and the flight, arranging for road ambulance, and transferring the patient to the set destination—hospital, medical facility, or home.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World