Bariatric Care Service

MUrgency Air Ambulance will arrange for bariatric transfer of patients up to 381kg or 800lbs. We transport patients who are stable, critical or dependent on a ventilator. The air ambulance has a cargo door for a less stressful boarding experience and center mount stretcher for the patient’s comfort. The equipment includes stair climber, evacuation mat, wheelchair, stretcher, and hoisting equipment. The medical team is trained in bariatric care.

We will do everything to get you safely to your destination. As it is not an emergency situation, we are flexible when arranging a transport and do it on your terms. One family member can travel with the patient. We also partner with ground ambulance to transfer you to the facility. We treat obese patients with the same respect and dignity we would treat other patients.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World