Best Job Ever: Working On An Air Ambulance

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Money, job satisfaction, fame, and ambition to carry it on are a few factors that play an important role when it comes to deciding your career. Growing up, most kids were fascinated with the i

What Are The Critical Care Services Available On An Air Ambulance?

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Once a person is stable, air ambulance is called for medical repatriation. However, air ambulance is requested in critical situations too such as road accidents or any accidents, and sudden me

The Most Essential Insurance For Your Summer Vacation

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Anything can happen on a summer vacation. You have heard of cases, where travelers experience heart attack, adventure junkies face accidents, and children experience physical injury. The worst

Commercial Stretcher Is An Affordable Air Travel Option For Patients

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Air ambulance is a quick and comfortable way to transfer patients to domestic and international cities. However, air ambulance is an expensive affair if your health insurance does not cover it

Air Ambulance Is A Blessing For Cardiac Patients. Here’s Why

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On a warm day in County Durham, in North East England an air ambulance was called in. Melanie Rogers had a critical horse riding accident. Her horse Bonnie stood on her neck, severing one of h

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