Commercial Stretcher

MUrgency Air Ambulance offers transfer of patients on a stretcher via a commercial flight. This service is assigned to patients who fall ill in a foreign destination, or foreigners who need repatriation. The patient should be in a stable condition and unable to sit up straight in the seat.

We are connected with domestic and international commercial airlines that offer this service. A section of the commercial flight is transformed to accommodate a stretcher, medical escort, doctors, nurses, and equipment. Rows of seat are block on the commercial flight to create room for the stretcher. We ensure complete privacy for the patient by covering the area with a curtain. However, these flights need prior request to make arrangements so, it is not applicable if you are in a hurry or in a life-threating situation.

We will coordinate with the airline and provide necessary documentation and logistics. We will arrange for special meals, medicines, oxygen, ambulance and other requirements. Transfer via commercial stretcher is economical compared to an air ambulance.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World