What Is Air Ambulance?
Air ambulance can be winged flight, helicopter, seaplane, or transfer on a commercial flight that is used to transfer the sick or injured person to a hospital. The service includes clearance from a medical person and depending on the medical condition the patient is escorted with a certified doctor, nurse, or paramedic. They are trained for specialized care and treatment during medical transport. The medical escort monitors the change in pressure, noise, jerking of the vehicle, and fluctuation in oxygen saturation and provides oxygen, medication, and live saving CPR.

If a patient is critical or circumstances are such that they cannot fly in a commercial flight, then an air ambulance with ICU facilities will transport basic patient to those in critical care.
What Is The Cost For Air Ambulance Service?
There are various factors that determine the cost of air ambulance service. It depends on distance, type of aircraft, the medical crew and equipment assigned to the patient, fuel price, ground transport, and customs. Call MUrgency Emergency Assistance’s 24-hour service for an affordable and precise estimate.
Does My Insurance Cover, Air Ambulance Service?
Insurance can cover air ambulance, but each policy varies. MUrgency Emergency Assistance will contact your insurance company to clarify if air ambulance is covered.
What Does The Medical Crew Consist?
Depending on the condition of the patient, you are either provided registered nurse, ALS paramedic, respiratory therapists, pediatric, neonatal nurses, ICU certified registered nurses, or physicians.
Can Family Members Fly Onboard Air Ambulance?
The patient’s health and safety are our main concern. We do allow family members to accompany the patient, but how many members can escort the patient depends on the medical director. He will take into account the size of the air ambulance and medical condition. The family member is will not be charged an additional fee.
How Many Hours Earlier Do I Need To Book An Air Ambulance?
We will arrange for an air ambulance within hours.
What Equipment Is Available In An Air Ambulance?
The air ambulance includes basic life support and advanced cardiac life support equipment--defibrillator and pacing capabilities, multi-channel pump infusion systems, oximeter, vital signs monitor, ventilators, ACLS drugs and solutions, ECG monitors, pediatric ALS equipment, suction canister, ALS respiratory kits, advanced airway management, burn kit, oxygen monitor, incubator, IV fluids, spinal immobilization and movement equipment, and obstetric pack.
How Do I Arrange For Organ Transfer Or Travel For Transplant?
It is a time-sensitive procedure that requires prior planning. Transplant coordinators and candidates for organ transplant can get in touch with us in advance and we will arrange for the pick-up location and transported via helicopter, jets, or turbo prop. We plan the minute details for a smooth transfer.
Do You Transfer Infectious Patients?
Yes, we do. We transfer patients with mild to severe respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, MERS, and Ebola. In these airborne cases, we follow strict procedures to transport the patient. The medical team will focus on prevention of infection and containing the pathogens, so it does not spread in any way. The terms of the transfer are set by the medical team and adhered to it, so the disease does not become an epidemic.
What Services Do You Provide?
  • Patient transfer
  • Body transfer
  • ICU transfer
  • Organ transfer
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical escort
  • Rescue operations
  • Support military operations
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Transfer
  • Bariatric Transfer
How Do I Decide On The Transport?
Based on the medical status of the patient, the medical director will decide on the type of aircraft, plan the transportation, and if you need additional equipment.
What Is Bedside-To-Bedside Service?
Bedside-to-bedside service implies assisting the patient from the medical facility, escorting them to the airport and the flight, arranging for road ambulance, and transferring the patient to the set destination—hospital, medical facility, or home.
Is Ground Ambulance Included In The Quote?
The price of air ambulance is quoted, but ground ambulance can be arranged, which is a separate cost. Read the quotation carefully to understand what are the services mentioned and what is excluded.
How Much Baggage Can A Patient Carry On The Flight?
A medical flight is installed with equipment, which constrains space. It is advised to ship the patient’s luggage to the destination prior to the flight. This cost is borne by the patient or client.
What About The Use Of Toilet Or Request For Food?
The medical team will assist the patient and maintain hygiene after the use of the toilet. As for food and drink, the flight will be stocked with supplies.
Do You Provide Pediatric And Neonatal Flights? What Are The Services?
Yes, we do provide pediatric flights and neonatal care too. The team specialized to care for children and infants, which comprise neonatal nurse, pediatric medical staff, respiratory therapists. The parents will be allowed to accompany their loved ones.
What Are The Payment Options?
We accept all major credit cards—American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card. We also accept checks with a credit card guarantee, wire transfers, and third-party financial arrangement such as insurance.

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