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Initial Contact:

Though Phone call:

Call MUrgency Air Ambulance at +1 650 3858699or send us your contact number and we will call you back.

Please keep the following details ready before making the call:

Fixed Winged Charter: We offer single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turbo prop, and jets with access to international and national airports worldwide.

  • We need the patient’s basic medical history along with patient’s name, age, and date of birth. Our medical staff get the detailed report from the attending facility before the transportation.
  • What is the patient’s present location, name of the medical facility or hospital, and address.
  • Where the patient needs to be transported—destination or address.
  • Date and time for medical transportation.

Online Form:

Fill up the short online form with the details and we will connect back via email or phone call

Receive Quotes:

The MUrgency Air Ambulance flight coordinator will present a quotation for the air ambulance flight in association with the air carrier. This price is inclusive of all air ambulance services and the flight coordinator will delightfully answer any questions in regards to the services and the pricing.

Step-by-Step Guide of MUrgency Air Ambulance Private Medical Transportation:

  1. Our experience medical team will acquire the patient’s complete medical report.

  2. Finalize the payment.

  3. Space constraints in the air ambulance allows one or two family member or companion to accompany the patient for free. Also, lack of space permits only two carry-on luggage on the air ambulance. The rest of the patient’s luggage must be shipped separately.

  4. MUrgency Air Ambulance will organize ground transportation to the final destination for the patient and medical crew after the flight. We can also arrange ground transportation for the family member accompanying the patient.

  5. The air carrier operating the flight dispatches the aircraft.

  6. When the patient arrives at the aircraft, they are secured on a FAA-approved stretcher.

  7. Flight takes off. If it is necessary to stop for fuel, we will provide the update at each stop. You will receive an estimate time of arrival.

  8. When the flight lands, the ground transportation will be ready to transfer the patient to the hospital or the medical facility.

  9. The involved party is notified when the patient reaches the destination.

Accompanying Your Family Member:

Passenger Information:

If there’s space on the air ambulance, one or two family members or companion can accompany the patient at no additional cost. However, the patient is our first priority, and we give importance to the patient’s medical requirements, condition, additional medical staff, and equipment. The medical services and flight are modified to suit the patient’s condition.

Luggage Specifications:

Medical equipment and medical team are given importance on an air ambulance as they assist the patient. So, there is space constraints and the patient is permitted to carry one or two small bags. The additional luggage must be transported separately and MUrgency Air Ambulance can make the provision. However, the shipment of the additional luggage will be borne by the client.

Required Documentation:

All persons traveling on an international air ambulance flight must provide the following information prior to departure:

  • Full Name
  • Relation to patient
  • Passport number and expiration date
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Visa information, if required

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