Medical Escort

MUrgency Air Ambulance offers medical escort for patients in need of assistance on a commercial flight. Firstly, our medical expert will certify if the patient is deemed fit to fly in a commercial airline. A nurse or specialist accompanies the patient to provide critical care. The medical escort carries medical supplies and equipment to administer medical treatment, medication, or to observe the patient vitals. The medical escort is equipped with basic medication, monitoring units and CPR equipment.

We will organize and coordinate with the airline for documentation, first class tickets, and ground transportation. This air ambulance company will also obtain and make arrangement for international transfer that includes visa and custom clearance.

This service is definitely a cost effective way to fly than booking an air ambulance. However, the patient should be able to sit in the seat for some time, especially for takeoff and landing. They should also need minimum use of oxygen. This service needs prior preparation, so it is not recommended to patients in a life-threatening situation or unable to sit. In such cases, please refer to our commercial stretcher and air ambulance services.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World