Pediatric and Neonatal Care

MUrgency Air Ambulance offers the finest services for the smallest and youngest patients. Our dedicated and specialized neonatal team consisting of neonatal nurse and respiratory therapist provide uttermost care to premature babies and those with congenital cardiac defects. Based on the critical care, paramedics, nurse practitioners or physicians with experience in neonatal, perinatal, and pediatric intensive care accompany the patient.

When neonates need a transfer to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure or evaluation, they are transferred via neonatal air ambulance. However, it can be used for neonatal and pediatric cases as well. We can help you decide the best method of transportation. Our medical director assigns the right flight staff, their education and training, quality management and reviewing the newly implemented policies.

The medical staff and neonatal air ambulance is equipped with isolette with thermoregulation temperature control, monitor with invasive capabilities, ventilator, and syringe IV pumps.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World