VIP Medical Charter.

MUrgency Air Ambulance understands the importance of privacy in a medical condition. Our VIP medical transportation provides the luxury of air travel and medevac along with special VIP fleet of medical jets. These include Gulfstream, Challenger, Hawker, Lear Jet, King Air, and Cessna aircrafts. These top of the line medical jets can accommodate the patient in a private room, with 12 passengers, two pilots, two nurses, a doctor and a personal stewardess.

The beauty of VIP Medical Charter is that you can schedule your departure at a time that deems suitable. You arrive at the destination relaxed and away from the public gaze, which is perfect for celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. Each private medical flight is supervised by our 24-hour dispatch center. We also arrange for upgraded jets, ground handling, limousine services to transfer passengers, hotel accommodations, personal translators and liaisons.

We Ensure Safe And Smooth Medical Transport Across The World